Blockchain in Education (2016-2017)

I conceptualised this project back in late 2015, inspired by an informal conversation over lunch with Philipp Schmidt from the MIT Media Lab, following an event we both attended in Madrid. I was fascinated to hear about the very early experiments with blockchain at MIT, and thought this subject should be further discussed in Europe, but with a simple language to be accessible to all. I launched this research study counting on the shared expertise of other two researchers, Alex Grech and Anthony Camilleri. My role was research project designer, project manager and report editor.

The report ‘Blockchain in Education’ (2017) was the first report ever published focusing on the uses of blockchain in education, for educators and university managers. The report introduces the fundamental principles of the blockchain showing how this technology could both disrupt institutional norms and empower learners. It proposes eight scenarios for the application of the blockchain in an educational context, based on the state of technology development and deployment in 2017.

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